All that jazz


~ Architecture has this air around it. It can take you to the land of mysteries or dreams, joy or agony, love or sheer passiveness, howsoever you might want to feel it.

And there I was, in some nook of this palace, capturing it’s beauty- wondering about the innumerable emotions this air carried.

She walks away


“She walks like all things shining on glass, like all things that make a difference.
She walks away.”- Bukowski

Captured at- Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Sat here watching this precious little thing swimming in the calm lake waters, creating ripples as it moved while the sun shone; wondering what a beauty God has created. It moved me.

If we observe nature closely, well, just taking some time out from our busy lives, we will see it has the power to enrich us, to make us think what a beautiful world we live in, and that, we must always be grateful for it.


Be your own sunshine



Even the darkest night will end and the sun shall rise, they say.

Quite true~ however, the ultimate power to discover sunshine lies within us. Yes, I believe we have that power, it’s just a matter of realization and strong will which drives us towards unfolding it 🙂





apricity n. the warmth of the sun in winter.
The most wonderful time of the year is here. December; Christmas time, also, the time I get to see this furry ball soaking in the warmth of the winter sun while looking quizzically at me as I take a shot.
Happy holidays!

The letter which made me cry


My baby sister is 15 now. She was 12 when I left for college. We are like usual siblings; we fight but that’s only because we love each other. Also, we are inseparable. My sister was quite sad when I had to leave home for studying in a different city. We had stayed together for 12 long years afterall, 24 x 7 everyday ! But she always likes to be the ‘practical’ one between us who does not give away to emotions easily. Hence, she acted quite cool when I left. I used to spend the summer in my home town but this summer I had to work at another place.I found a letter in my bag on the way towards the airport. Each word went straight down to my heart. I was smiling and shedding tears at the same time. In the commotion of my own life I did not realize when my baby sister grew up. She thought of herself as the pillar of her house and she had gallons of love for us in her tiny fragile heart.

This is what she had written:

Hey Sister,

Well, I am writing this because I want to thank you for completing my projects and also for that awesome birthday & the black dress that I don’t know when I’ll wear. I am sorry for your tooth thing*. I love you a lot, I just don’t express it since it makes me feel weak kinda like Niklaus**. But, remember whatever happens I’m not leaving your side and I’ll always support and help you though my reflexes aren’t so good 😛

Just remain the way you are- forever, because I love the way you lie *wink* and I will miss you a lot and Thank you for being by my side. Always remain there because I am nothing without you. I am trying to fight my tears from falling because I know you, mom and dad expect me to be strong and I will be, not for myself but for you all.

Anyway, I’m done. I LOVE YOU, I’ll miss you. You are the best. Kisses.


* I had my root canal surgery done that summer.

** we watched this show called “The Originals” where Niklaus was this character who was very strong. However, his family was his weakness.

So this was the letter by my baby sister which made me realize that it is true- Family is not an important thing. Family is EVERYTHING. Come what may, always love and respect your family because they will never leave your side. Also, sometimes our younger siblings teach us some really valuable life lessons 🙂


From the 10th Floor

From the 10th Floor

The city of Gurgaon- my home for 2 months. And that’s the skyline of this growing business hub of North India. I did not like living here initially. Found it rather bland. But now- all thanks to the company of some lovely friends; life’s better.

Umm…so without going on- well, here’s Gurgaon for you my lovely readers 🙂


My Mother


When people ask me what is the best thing that has happened to me- I say: Well, I’m my mother’s daughter! Yes, that is the best and the most amazing thing that God could ever do to me.

My mother did not just give me this life; she made my life wonderful by being in it, holding me close to her in times of trouble, never losing hope in me, making me her pride, loving me- no matter what and by being mine- completely.

My mother is the center of my universe. I always tell her- Mumma you are the Sun and we ( i.e my sister, my dad and me ) are your planets. Our lives revolve around you and you are surely the source of our existence!

My mother is an angel, quite literally. I don’t say it because she is my mom; I’ve known her all my life and in these twenty-two years I have come across so many people- but no one like her. She is BEAUTIFUL, not just physically but from her heart and soul.
I have never seen her hurt a living being- whether it is an animal or a human. She has a heart full of love, compassion and kindness. ( Not that she doesn’t get angry! Oh yes she does! ) But otherwise she always thinks for the goodwill of others.

I look at her and I wonder how can a person- a living person- with flesh and blood- be so pure, so beautiful and so compassionate like her! Oh, I adore her. The I look at myself and I know- I can never be like her- not even close. I have so much to complain from life; she takes it easy, she mends things and she’s happy with what she has. Aah! How does she do it?

Well then I suppose Mothers are like that. They think about others first.

God surely sent us all kids these wonderful angels. 🙂

Look Up From Your Phone

Inspirational. Must watch.


A lil more than..10 things I love about you

A lil more than..10 things I love about you

I love the way you handle me
And how you take care
I love it when you tickle me
And even when you stare

I love your all-32-out smile
And the glitter in your eyes
I love it when you laugh out loud
And all your super cute lies

I love it when you shop for me
Oh those lovely dresses and shoes
I love our all night dancing & singing
On all the songs you choose

But mostly, I love the love we share
And the army of kids we will have
I love thinking of me as their mommy
And you as their gorgeous dad 😀

– That’s my very naive attempt at composing a poem for my beloved.
Inspired by- 10 things I hate about you!


The warm glow, the mesmerizing sight.

The warm glow, the mesmerizing sight.

” It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream “. Isn’t that true? Every time I look at this picture I’m swayed in the memory of that beautiful moment and mesmerized by the beauty of that sunset I share with you here 🙂

And thus, it is truly said ‘ Let the warm glow of the setting sun kiss life’s hurts away 🙂 ‘